I will not be able to capture the sheer joie de vivre Hager brings. Even at its bleakest, Hager engines out an agility, speed and enthusiasm. Her presence is magnetic.
— Broadway Baby UK, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Naked In Alaska Featured in Over 50 Magazines

including The New Yorker, Time Out New York, and New York Daily News

What would you do to belong?

Naked In Alaska is a gripping, award-winning solo play about my experience working as an exotic dancer for 10 years and the consequences that came from jumping blindly into that life.

At 21, newly sober and recently evicted, I am invited by my best friend Raven to work at a strip club in Tijuana, Mexico. An evening that begins in innocence and excitement over making some easy cash seduces me into a 10-year career that tests the limits of friendship and my will to survive. The characters I portray—club managers, dancers, customers, and boyfriends—bring audiences viscerally into this shadowy world and reveal the joy, hurt, danger, and common humanity that connect us all in the longing to be free. As my choices in the clubs expose me to increasing danger and violence, I realize I must make a choice:


Do I continue to run from what most terrifies me or do I find the strength to face it head on?


Playing to sold-out houses in New York, Santa Fe, Chicago, Edinburgh, Scotland, Rome, Italy, and more, Naked In Alaska tells a complex, sexy, and thought-provoking story that looks at the objects we make of ourselves to fit in and the buried truths we must face to have a chance at coming home.

Surprisingly complex.
— Time Out New York
The show is so fearless, candid, and personal that it is impossible not to be moved.
— Maxamoo
Breathtakingly sensual!
— The Scotsman
A dazzling artist! She’s got what it takes to be a star!
— Hy Reviews
A visual masterpiece! An audiovisual feast.
Dynamically performed and produced with flair.
— A Younger Theatre UK