A surprisingly complex and personal story. A fearless performance!
— Time Out New York
One of those plays you leave feeling someone has just shared a part of her soul with you.
— Zurika Fringe Review
A visual masterpiece. An audiovisual feast, dynamically performed and produced with flair, Naked in Alaska is an honest, funny and fast-paced walk on the wild side.
— A Younger Theatre
Valerie Hager tackles the challenges of a solo show magnificently in Naked In Alaska.
— Three Weeks
Heartbreaking and wonderful.
— Edinburgh Fringe Review
A spectacular performer who has the range and versatility of a Lily Tomlin or Whoopi Goldberg!
— Performing Arts Insider NYC
Hager has written a story that is taut and succinct and one which never feels jagged or unable to keep up with her own energy.
— Broadway Baby
Hager has fine acting skills to convey the back stage stories of her friends, and has retained the gymnastic skill to suspend herself in many difficult positions on a pole! 
— Edinburgh Fringe Reviews
Aan intelligent and energetic walk on the wild side.
— The Stage, UK
By baring her soul and sharing her heartache and triumphs, Ms. Hager shows us that we are not alone and gives us the greatest gift of all—hope.”
— New York Theatre Review
When studying global warming and the melting of the glaciers in Alaska, scientists forgot one factor and her name is Valerie Hager—she is on fire!
— Usher Nonsense
Hager’s performance is astonishing!
— The List
Breathtakingly sensual!
— The Scotsman
The show is so fearless, candid, and personal that it is impossible not to be moved.
— Maxamoo
Our mouths are left dangling at what Hager went through. However, these instants are interspersed with perfect comic timing and enjoyable dance numbers, making for a wonderful show!
— Washington Square News
Hager’s energy, honesty and humor kept the crowd rollicking with laughter and applauding her seductive pole dancing. She has talent, guts, charisma, a taut petite frame and a treasure trove of distinct mannerisms, voices and impersonations. Compelling!
— Off Off Online
When the lights come back up, thunderous applause explodes... A beautiful night of sharing.
— Recensito
It’s her vulnerability, her heart, not just her parts, that made all of us in the audience fall in love with her, and root her on.
— NY Theatre
We see into the heart and lifeforce of Valerie Hager through her teenage years, escape to dance, raw treatment by lovers, and eventual escape from this life. I hope this piece will have a long-life!
— Theater Producer Chris Grady
You will root for her indomitable spirit and celebrate the triumph of Valerie Hager in Naked In Alaska.
— Off Broadway
Naked In Alaska is captivating and convincing. We’re with her all the way.
— Women Around the Town
A talented and engaging solo performance with some jaw‐dropping moments throughout.
— Theatre is Easy
60 minutes of magic!
— Around the Town Chicago

Tweets from Audiences

@NakedInAlaska1 was phenomenal!
- @KirstenMcPake

@NakedInAlaska1 P.S. Valerie Hager = my new idol xx
- @Amanda__Wright

@NakedInAlaska1 My Mother Phoned Me In Tears After Your Show Last Night She Was So Moved: Best Show She Has Seen At The Fringe - Ever!! xxx
- Nicoletta A-W

@NakedInAlaska1 #Inspiring #Raw #Emotional #TerriblyMoving #Ajourneyofhope
- @nestivalflats  

@NakedInAlaska1 thank you for baring yourself -- you struck such a chord #beautiful #sojoyful
- @rsmoushall

Blown away by @NakedInAlaska1 tonight! Beautiful portrayal of such a heart-wrenching story! What a great way to end my @edfest!
- @AmandaWright

@NakedInAlaska1 you were unbelievably good. Three of us still talking about it!
- @vicstewart

@NakedInAlaska1 all I thought of while watching was wanting to hug u then when I did I didn't want to let go. I walked home crying. Incredible
- @GoodfellowKate

@NakedInAlaska1 I loved the show! Thank you so much for making me laugh and cry. Such a heart wrenching and funny performance!
- @lena_v_s

Loved @NakedInAlaska1 tonight. Beautiful, funny, raw, honest, heartbreaking & inspiring. Left in tears. Thank you for sharing your story xxx
- @BridgettCains

Saw @NakedInAlaska1 last night! It was fierce!
- @david_harrell

@NakedInAlaska1 a phenomenal story led by an incredible actress who literally put her heart and soul into it.
- @Dan_Lea1

I loved @NakedInAlaska1 . Please can Valerie Hager become my new best friend. Please.
- @StephenIDavies

@NakedInAlaska1 saw your preview show and I got one of the best hugs ever.#recommendation ****
- @RicBuscarini

@NakedInAlaska1soul, energy &physical fearlessness. She is FIERCE❤ #edfringe
- @hollybodimeade

@NakedInAlaska1 BOOM-POW tales from the pole, done w eye-popping physicality & heartfelt personal truth.
- @camerynmoore

@NakedInAlaska1 Fuck yeah!
- @barrychurchwood

@NakedInAlaska1, performing at this year’s @edfringe. @DarrowUK gives it *****, fantastic stuff.
- @DarrowUK

Wow, just saw magnificent, moving show @NakedInAlaska1 - she’s honest & extraordinary. If you’re at #EdFringe GO SEE.
- @Aaron Jacob Jones

@NakedInAlaska1 was beyond STUNNING. That performance was incredible, I felt like I was in her soul. Every minute was beautiful.
- @Dan_Lea1

GUYS SEE @NakedInAlaska1 NOWWW. My fave thing I’ve seen so far!
- @JessicaBonnie

Heart warming story had audience hooked for hour. Great performance with SO much energy.
- @harrydotcom

Great show@NakedInAlaska1!!! Wow! Bold, brave, and incredibly moving. A stunning performance!
- @Charlotteinc

@NakedInAlaska1 the show was great and hope Valerie Hager gets the recognition she deserves at the fringe, well done!
- @ashleyjadesmith

@NakedInAlaska1 Gutachingly brave & beautifully honest.
- @TastyMonster  

You have to see @NakedInAlaska1 you will love it. She's an amazing performer. And legging it up that pole and acting! x
- @PhilipMeeks

@NakedInAlaska1 “Heartbreaking &wonderful.”
- @lovethefringe

@NakedInAlaska1 Brilliant show. Incredibly moving and genuine! BRAVO!
- @TannerEfinger

Just saw a show that I can't talk about without crying. Not happened for a while! @NakedInAlaska1
- @boaden

@NakedInAlaska1 is flipping brilliant. Will be back.
- @Chris_BullsRL

God bless the guy that gave us his spare tickets for Naked In Alaska! That was beautiful!!
- @HVorselman

College Audience Reviews

Got to see Valerie Hager do her thing yesterday. Amazing! I may be a changed person. I am so inspired to start writing again. Feeling amazing!
— Jeana Ariel Garcia
Last night, Valerie Hager performed the truest and rawest piece of theatre I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You rock!
— Katie Westgate, Student
I met the wonderfully talented Valerie Hager last night. If you get the chance to see her show, Naked in Alaska, see it. It is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of theater I have seen.
— Ryan Harris, Student
I saw a play last night called Naked in Alaska performed beautifully by Valerie Hager. It was by far in my opinion the best theatrical experience I’ve had so far. To those I’ve worked with in theater who know that I always search for truth on stage, that show was the definition of that.
— David Bradley, Student
You have such talent, strength and courage, Valerie Hager. It was an honor to be in your audience!
— Linda M. Sutherland, Master Teacher, Director, and Education Specialist
Thank you so much for your gifts tonight. You spoke to me on so many levels. I feel fortunate that I got to see your performance. Your work is truly what is meant when the magic and theater are found next to one another. Thank you. How does it feel to know you brought back together a daughter and her father. You are made of love!
— Raymond S. Legare, Student
You were so amazing, I loved every minute of the show! It was so powerful. You are beautiful magic, it’s so crazy how much darkness you endured but after all that you came back to the light for good. It’s fresh in my mind and I’m still taking in every word and action you displayed. I’m wonderstruck and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I felt every motion and understood all the sounds; it was like I was there even though I wasn’t around.
— Cannon Bliss, Student
I went from being an audience member sitting in the first row to being right there with you on your journey. Tonight you answered that question. As long as there’s truth to a story, no matter the content, it can be used. It can show others who might have had similar experiences that it’s ok… that they are not alone. Thank you for that. Watching your show tonight gave me the “ok” that I’m on the right track. Theater doesn’t always have to be happy and musical. It can be about real life. Thank you again. Your show has been the best theatrical experience I’ve had so far.
— David V., Student
Incredible show Valerie Hager! What courage & heart you have—not to mention talent! Kudos!
— Leslie A. Ford, Costume Technician
I’d say anyone who saw the show became a huge fan!
— Paula Goldberg
What an amazing performance last night. I was blown away by your talent. A tour de force.
— Michael Goldberg